The Benefits Of Home Surveillance And Remote Monitoring For Caregivers

October 16th, 2019

Family means everything to us and often when our family members are sick or aging, we step up and take care of them. However, it can be really hard to juggle work, chores, and caregiving responsibilities. We often have to rearrange our work schedules, take a different job, or even take leave to help out. This can be financially taxing for most of us. There are ways to help balance your caretaking duties. One of the most helpful is with a surveillance system.


Help Support Your Loved Ones’ Independence


Some of our sick and aging relatives are still pretty capable. They can do basic home chores, feed themselves, and have some mobility. The risk with these family members in emergency situations like falls, medical emergencies, or criminal activity. Many of these family members can live pretty independently, but just need a little help on these things. A video surveillance system with remote monitoring is a great solution. With live monitoring, you can check in from time to time from anywhere with the internet to make sure they are okay and don’t need help. This helps them keep their independence, but gives you both peace of mind that they’ll have help when they need it.


Protects Your Family Members From Bad Caregivers


In cases where our family members can’t live alone, many of us get the assistance of at-home care providers like a nurse or respite care provider. Sadly, not all of these people are trustworthy. Many will slack off on the job. Others will use the opportunity to steal from your relatives. The worst, will do the unthinkable and abuse your family members. A surveillance system with remote monitoring can help protect your family members from bad caregivers. You’ll be able to monitor and watch the caregivers from anywhere to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and not putting your family members at risk.


Supports Your At-Home Caregiving Duties


In other cases when our family members can’t live alone, many of us choose to either bring them into our homes or move into theirs. Those of us who choose this path quickly realize it is very difficult to balance with our lives. Even if we end up staying home all day, there are so many chores that it can be extremely difficult to keep an eye on your family members. With video surveillance and remote monitoring, we can watch our ailing family members from work or even the other room. This second set of eyes is extremely valuable and can help us ensure their safety.


At J & E Reid, we understand the difficulties caregivers in Fulton face. However, we can help you implement a solution that can take some of the burdens off. We offer affordable surveillance systems with remote monitoring that can help you keep an eye on your loved ones and maintain a balance in your life. Give us a call at our Fulton office today to learn more!