Security Strategies To Prevent Shoplifters For Your Small Retail Business

November 21st, 2019

In 2017, the retail industry lost $48.6 billion dollars to theft and that number is set to continually increase. This costs Fulton retailers an average of 1.33% in sales. That may not seem like a lot, but when you are running a small business, that percentage can be the difference between growing your business and closing your doors. There are many ways to combat shoplifting, but the most effective is with a robust security policy.


Make A Security Plan


No one wants to think about how much damage shoplifting can do to their store. However, dealing with shoplifters is part of the normal operations of a retail business. So every store needs a loss prevention policy and a plan to deter, catch, and respond to shoplifters. Start by understanding your risks by asking yourself the following questions:


  • Is your store located in a high crime area?
  • Is your high-value merchandise kept in protected areas?
  • Does your inventory layout provide thieves an opportunity to easily steal?
  • Do you have internal procedures for monitoring inventory and documenting loss?


Once you have the answers to these questions you can begin developing a security strategy to prevent loss.


Security Features That Can Help Prevent Shoplifting


Fulton retailers know they need a security system. However, with so many options it is difficult to determine what features to get for your store. Here are some of the features that are most successful at preventing loss:


  • Surveillance Cameras: Surveillance cameras help your employees monitor the entire store from one place. That way they can keep an eye out to make sure that nothing is being stolen. Surveillance cameras placed in the open where guests can see them also acts as an effective deterrent to shoplifting.
  • Security Tags: Security tags coupled with an alarm system can help you ensure that you are notified the moment someone tries to walk out of your store with any merchandise. Security tags are also very difficult to remove, so they can also work to deter criminals.
  • Entry Alerts: Entry alerts are crucial for small businesses. They signal to your staff when someone has entered or left the store so they can monitor all their activities. This can also help notify them if someone is leaving without paying for their items.
  • Alarm: Shoplifters aren’t the only type of thieves, you also have to worry about burglars who come after hours. An alarm system is a great way to be alerted of an incident and communicate to law enforcement that a theft is occurring.


These are just the basics every retailer needs. There are also advanced tools like facial recognition that may be of some benefit.


Why You Need To Work With A Security Company


The best thing you can do to protect against shoplifters is work with a security company that specializes in retail. At J & E Reid, we’ve been helping retail businesses in Fulton for over 15 years. We can help you develop a comprehensive security strategy that includes the most high-tech security features at a price you can afford. Give us a call to learn more!