Increase Safety By Installing Security Cameras In Your Plant

September 30th, 2019

The installation of security cameras in your Fulton plant gives you the ability to view your property at any given time. It allows you to view what is happening live or what happened during the night shift. A good security camera system in your plant will also allow you to review any past injury claims or complaints that may have occurred months ago. From theft prevention, employee safety,  decreased workman’s comp insurance claims to discounted business insurance, security cameras can improve your business. 

1. Protecting Your Employees:

Working in a plant can be dangerous if your employees do not follow safety rules and regulations. The health of your company and employees can be placed at risk if employees start to slip up and take shortcuts. Security cameras will allow you to catch these slips before any serious injury occurs and they can then be addressed with the employees. It is a helpful reminder to them that their safety is a top priority in your plant. 

2. Safety Compliance Internally:

The information you can obtain from camera surveillance in your plant can also allow you to see if your employees are following workplace safety. It can help you determine if further training is needed for your employees. This not only minimizes injuries to your employees and lost production, but is an excellent method to help you meet any OSHA or other regulatory boards. 

3. Preventing Fraudulent Workman’s Comp Claims:

Workman’s compensation payments to those injured on the job tops $60 billion every year and 10% of those payments are made on fraudulent claims. This results in increased costs to your workman’s comp premiums due to phony claims. Security cameras work in two ways when it comes to workman’s comp. It can demonstrate the cause of the accident, allowing you employee compensation and your ability to ensure it cannot recur. Security cameras in plants can also allow you to expose fraud when the injury in the claim was caused due to employee negligence or disregard of the safety procedures. 

4. Improved Performance:

Whenever an employee is hired or upon installation of the security cameras in your plant, make them aware that they will be monitored. It is important you also have them sign an acknowledgment form as well. Studies have shown that when employees know they are being monitored, their performance increases and they are more in compliance with the rules. 

With today’s technology, security cameras in your plant is an excellent tool to provide safety and save money.  When it comes to installing safety cameras in your plant, the professionals at J & E Reid offer a variety of cameras, audio and security options. As a locally owned company, we understand the needs of our community and will be able to answer any questions based on our knowledge of Fulton. As a company based on military surveillance training, our expert technicians can work with you to provide the safety you need with budget you can afford. Call us today to see how we can help you.